How To Find Your G-spot

The G-spot: What is it?
The term “G-spot” refers to a highly sensitive region inside the vagina that, when appropriately stimulated, might result in a “G-spot orgasm.” Years ago, many people (some even questioned its very existence) thought that this extremely responsive location was an illogical cluster of nerve endings inside the vagina. But thanks to studies, it is now more well recognized that it refers to the interior structure of the clitoris. People with clitoris can experience intense pleasure and even orgasm when this area is stimulated properly, regardless of their origins or anatomical heritage.

Where is it?
The anterior (front) wall of the vagina contains the G-spot, which is situated there around 2-3 inches in.

How to locate a G-spot
I suggest spending some time solo playing the G-spot first. Masturbation is more than just a way to take care of yourself; it’s also a meditative activity that lets you explore and experiment without worrying about what other people might think. Once you’re comfortable with your body, it will be much simpler to communicate your preferences to a partner and to use additional stimulation to make coupled sex more enjoyable.

You can start exploring G-spot pleasure with your fingers or with toys when you’re playing alone.

Starting out by exploring with only your fingers is a terrific idea because it allows you to feel with both your fingertips and inside anatomy. Lubricate and insert one or two fingers with your palm facing you while lying on your back with a pillow under your bum or while seated in a comfortable chair with your legs spread and one bent up. Lubrication can help you relax and concentrate solely on the feelings at hand while also improving glide and pleasure.

Test which fingers are the best and most convenient to use. Some prefer to utilize their pointer and middle finger, while others find their middle and ring fingers to be more convenient, leaving their pointer and baby fingers at rest outside. Once your fingers are in place, start moving them in a “come hither” manner as you stroke the front wall in various spots until you locate one that feels more sensitive than the others.

The best advice is to notice any texture changes while you explore your vagina. This not only helps you become more comfortable with your own anatomy, but these “textural landmarks” also come in very handy when guiding a partner.

Continue stimulating this area by attempting various strokes, speeds, and pressures to see what you enjoy the most. If you have access to another hand, try stimulating your clitoris at the same time to see if the sensation is altered.

Adult Toys

Another excellent approach to learn about G-spot pleasure, and in particular G-spot orgasm, is through sex toys. G-spot toys have a curved shaft that directs the tip of the toy towards the G-spot (instead of the back of the vagina) and a bulbous tip with a big surface area to maximize G-spot stimulation and enjoyment. These toys are made expressly to make G-spot massage simple.

As long as the tip of the curved G-spot toy is entered against the front wall of the vagina, it can be used practically anywhere. Try utilizing a G-spot vibrator while lying on your back with a pillow beneath your buttocks for a guaranteed fondle. When you discover that the toy’s tip is on your G-spot, insert it again. Then, switch it on and experiment with the settings until you find one that causes your legs to tremble.

This type of activity is ideal for the So Divine G-spot Vibrator. The large button and navigational notch make operating a breeze, while the bulbous textured tip and curved angle make a beeline for your sweet regions.

Not a fan of vibrating objects? Or perhaps you’re looking for something more akin to penetrative sex? Use a dildo with a suction cup.

No of the shape, a suction cup dildo is ideal for investigating G-spot massage when inserted from behind. Any flat surface can be used for suction cup dildos, but for this application, I suggest a vertical surface like a tiled wall. You can try penetration from behind by sticking your dildo to a wall. Because penetration from this angle typically results in better touch with the G-spot, many people with clitoris state that their preferred heterosexual sex position is from behind (also known as “doggy”).

Stick your dildo to a vertical, smooth, hard surface and lubricate both the toy and yourself to test it out for yourself. Be especially careful not to get any lubricant on the floor when you’re in the shower or bath. Push yourself into the toy’s tip as far as it feels comfortable after gently inserting it. Try bouncing back and forth, moving your hips, and adjusting how you stand to explore various angles and sensations. Experiment with various depths of penetration. For instance, while standing straight with your back against the wall and gently moving your hips, the tip of the dildo should be pointed directly at your G-spot.

In fact, the So Divine Glorious Suction Cup Dildo was designed just for this type of play! It’s the ideal option for hands-free G-spot masturbation thanks to its super-strong suction cup base that sticks firmly to any smooth surface and a firm-yet-squishy dual-density shaft that feels a helluva lot like the real deal during play.