Sit Back And Hands Free Male Masterbate With The Help Of Sex Toys

If a male masturbates without using his own hands with the help of a sex toy, that is known as hands free masterbate. Masturbating without using hands gives you a whole lot of different experiences of getting sexual pleasure and orgasm. There are many sex toys available in the market by which you can have sexual pleasure without using your hands for masturbation.

Sex toys for male masturbation

Some toys are specially designed for male masturbation; these toys are made up of very soft and safe material to provide you with the feeling of having real vaginal sex. These vagina-looking toys are usually 8-10 inches long and 2-4 inches wide. Every size of the penis can be easily inserted into these sex toys. These toys are very effective in practicing the new sex moves and positions like flatiron doggy style and many more because sex toys can be attached anywhere on the floor, wall, glass other things with the help of a suction pump. There are many different types of male vibrators available throughout the global market, and some of them are mentioned below.

Different types of hands free male masterbate

1.      Hand-free masturbator – These sex toys are specially designed so a male can masturbate without using his hands. Male masturbators are made up of a tube around 8-10 inches in size, and the soft silicone material is used to make of internal vagina-looking structure. Masturbating with sex toys have proven because they provide a completely new experience of masturbating. A vibrating motor is also included in these toys, which does the whole things like up and down and vibrating in order to give you sexual pleasure.

2.      Sex doll – This is one f the best practice to get a real sex experience. A sex doll looks like a complete female with boobs, anus, and vagina, so a male can enjoy inserting his penis anywhere according to their preference, whether you like anal or in the mouth. A sex doll is made of soft rubber and silicone, which is very portable and can be carried anywhere. A sex doll needs an air pump to work, as you must fill the air in the sex doll first. This male masturbator allows you to use your hands on different things like boobs and any body parts on the sex doll.

3.      Auto blowjob machine – The auto blowjob machine is a complete package of hands free male masterbate. These sex toys come with different vibrating motors, which help you to provide variation in masturbating speed. Apart from this, it also adjusts the vibrating pattern according to your need; if you want to ejaculate fast, you can set a vibrating motor pattern and speed which make you cum faster, but if you want to enjoy slow sexual pleasure, you can use it on the slow vibrating pattern. 

Features of male sex toys

·        Remote control – Some of these sex toys work with the remote; you can use the remote to control the vibrations and speed of your sex toy according to your preference. Remote controlling also helps you to find the perfect rhythm for your orgasm, or you can give the controller to your partner to have fun and kinks and spice up your sex life.

·        Rechargeable and batteries – Interruption during the process of masturbation is one of the most irritating things a person can go through. So, their sex toys are powered with a highly durable battier, which can last long for at least one day and allows you to have fun without any interruption. You can also charge the batteries of these sex toys with the help of a charger that comes with the sex toy.

·        Material quality – The quality of material used to make sex toys are very reliable as they mostly use soft and silicon material because they have no side effects and disadvantages. Silicon tends to look like a real vagina, and even at first touch, no one can differentiate between a toy and a real vagina. Apart from this, the build quality of these toys is high enough to stand at least for 5-6 years.

·        Portable and easy to carry – Sex toys like penis ring is so small in size you can carry them anywhere you want, and even you can insert them into your dick to experience a new type of sexual experience. In addition, you can easily operate your sex toy with the help of a remote, even in public places or at home.

·        No vibrating sounds – While using sex toys in public can be embarrassing, hand-free masturbators have minimal vibrating sounds in their vibrator, which are barely audible to ears. Therefore, you can use them in public without seeking any attention or embarrassment. 

Sex toys are very effective in helping to boost your sex life. Hands-free male masturbation helps you to get more sexual excitement, and even masturbation activates your interest in things like different positions. It also helps you to increase your sex appeal and strength of having non-stop sex. Higher strength will help you to satisfy your sexual partner like a pro with the knowledge of different positions. In addition, hands free male masterbate is responsible for dealing with stress and anxiety because while masturbating, your body releases endorphins and dopamine (relaxing hormone).


1.  Is there any disadvantage to masturbating?

Ans. No, there is no disadvantage to masturbating; even doctors suggest that as a healthy process.

2.  How much time can I masturbate with these toys?

Ans. It depends on you how much time you take to complete one session of masturbation; it can last long for 24 hours.

3.  How use sex toys?

Ans. Apply lube on your penis, which comes with the toy, and insert your penis into the toy; after that, start the vibrator with the remote, and now sit back and enjoy.

4.  What if I ejaculate inside the toy? Would I be able to use it again?

Ans. Sex toys are meant to be ejaculated inside them; you can easily wash them with water after completing your session. Washing your sex toy will allow you to use your toy again and again.